• Herculean effort and years of tireless patience are necessary to cultivate Black Patch Cigar's uniquely flavorful tobacco.

  • The soil of the Black Patch region of Kentucky ~ for over 150 years, the birthplace of some of the finest tobacco in the world.

  • Black Patch proprietary tobaccos are air cured for months after each summer harvest.

  • Our tobacco is exported and aged to perfection for a minimum of two years in the ideal climates of the Caribbean.

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Welcome to Black Patch Cigar Co. A place to slow down. Savor.  Relax. Enjoy. This is where the fertile fields of the Black Patch Region  of Kentucky meet the patient craftsmen of the Caribbean.

In a class of its own, the KENBANO is being offered in two sizes. The time and craft required to bring this enticing proprietary sensation has been worthwhile. KENBANO is an extraordinary blend that eloquently demonstrates our commitment in providing a premium cigar to our loyal customers and the seasoned cigar aficionado.

Celebrating a special occasion with friends or just kicking back, the Select will satisfy the palate of the experienced aficionado or the first time reveler. 

Your reward is a complete line of uniquely flavorful cigars. Each hand-crafted to entice your senses. Whether enjoying the company of an old friend or forging a new bond, you are welcome here any time.

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"Another interesting selection includes the Kenbano Gran Toro from Black Patch Cigar Company of Pikeville, Kentucky. Founder Eric McAnallen has been growing a proprietary variety of Kentucky broadleaf ligero called Kenbano 2007 in the state’s Black Patch region..." Smoke Magazine Online more

"The Commonwealth of Kentucky can claim the origins of some very auspicious businesses and products. There is bourbon, for example. Need I say more?! There is also the Colonel's Fried Chicken, Papa John's Pizza, and Burley tobacco. Added to that list is Black Patch Cigar Company..." Stogie Fresh  more

"To find tobacco grown in Kentucky is not rare…but to find Kentucky tobacco that is grown to the meticulous standards demanded by boutique cigar smokers today, that's a different story."   Off the Beaten Path   more

"I smoke A LOT of cigars... but this cigar was a total surprise and a real treat. This is a cigar that any proud North American should try"True Cigar more

"This is a cigar which I would recommend and purchase again". Smoke Magazine rates Black Patch Cigar Co.'s Belicoso. more

"You'll get a blast of flavor from the first puff....this cigar gives you a rush. But you'll enjoy the deep and rich sweetness of tobacco on the finish. It begs to be smoked with a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey." Stogie Fresh  more

"I highly recommend these to all of you; the Kentucky-grown leaf is not a gimmick, it's well done."  Puff.Com more

"I really enjoyed this cigar and found myself anticipating the next flavor to come along."   Cigar Asylum more

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